The 15 Minutes media frenzy reveals a renewed Barry Manilow!

With the release of 15 Minutes just days away, Barry Manilow has delightfully been everywhere—on the radio, in print, and on TV. With each interview, I’ve noticed a new Barry Manilow emerging. Of course he’s still the kind, humble, witty gentleman I admire, but there’s a new resurgence of dynamic energy I absolutely love! He seems to be happier, relaxed, and just having fun. It’s as if he’s shed a weight, giving him freedom to fly, in reintroducing the musician and composer in his heart—the drive that makes him come alive, the Barry Manilow many don’t know or appreciate.

Last week, he appeared on “The Joy Behar Show.” Two New Yorkers having fun was such a treat to watch. On QVC’s “Q Sessions Live”, Barry introduced songs from the album; playing piano with his foot, Jerry Lee Lewis style, didn’t go unnoticed and was enjoyed! Barry looked and sounded wonderful on both shows. Watching him share the new songs with depth and emotion was delightful. This week Barry is scheduled to guest on “The Talk” on Wednesday (I have to miss this one, as my youngest son is graduating from Junior High and the kids will always come first). Thursday is “Lopez Tonight” and a special appearance at The Grove. He’ll be off to London later in June for more CD signings and a guest spot on “An Audience With…”

On June 13th, Barry will be signing his new album at Radio City Music Hall in New York City. Somewhere in all of this, I hope he has time to celebrate his birthday (June 17th).

For the past decade, Barry has brought us magnificent decade albums, culminating with “The Greatest Love Songs of All Time”. He’s given each project 110% of himself. I don’t think he knows how to give less. There are great composers and wonderful singers, but few can do it all. Barry can.

Yet in spite of adding his unmistakable signature in arranging them, giving us gorgeous performances in the way only Barry can, bringing fresh new meaning to each and every song, making me discover songs I might have already heard, but never before adored, and making wonderful guest appearances to promote them, they were still someone else’s, written and performed by others over the course of time. He followed the advice of others, doing what he had to do, and doing it exceedingly well.

But now it’s his time to shine, to showcase to the world all he’s capable of…and then some. And I couldn’t be more proud of him, or happy for him.

Odds are he doesn’t need the money. He knows fame, has millions of fans and loads of awards. Why, then, at a time in his life when Barry Manilow could rest on his laurels in the glory of nearly four decades of giving his all, would he put himself under the scrutiny of critics and exhaust himself with such a grueling schedule? It could only be one thing that drives him: passion for what he loves and believes in, and that is personally creating phenomenal music and sharing his love through it!

I want people to appreciate 15 Minutes as much as I do. As I stated, it’s Barry at his absolute finest. I believe this album is the most emotionally-charged body of work Barry Manilow has ever put his hand to“.

I’m spreading the news to everyone: this album needs to be heard. No one is safe from my advertisement! I’ll purchase extra copies to share, I’ll send an article to anyone who has an email. It’s surprising I don’t have a magnetic sign on my car promoting it yet…hmm!

I want people to perceive his unique concept, devour Enoch Anderson’s moving lyrics, relish the gorgeous music Barry has written, and enjoy his powerful performance. But beyond that, I want you to know that with each note you hear, you’re receiving a piece of Barry’s heart. So rare in the world of current music, and that in itself deserves to be honored and appreciated!

Here’s Barry’s media schedule so far, and don’t miss his fantastic print interviews in Vanity Fair and The LA Times!

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