Celebrate Barry Manilow’s birthday by sharing 15 Minutes!

Barry’s Manilow’s June 17th birthday is hot on the heels of the release of his new album, 15 Minutes, on June 14th—two reasons for him to celebrate and for us to celebrate for him!

We all know how much this album means to Barry. Those who have heard it, and those who will very soon, will see how extraordinary it is and how much of his heart and soul has been put into it. I think it’s possibly the best project he’s ever put his talents to. Of course, we want it to be a huge, chart-topping success, and hope the world will hear and appreciate it.

In honor of his birthday, what better way to show our love and appreciation for the joy his music brings us than to give it to those who perhaps don’t know it or can’t obtain it for themselves? In doing so, we can share what we all know—the tremendous musicianship of Barry Manilow—and at the same time boost album sales.

Wouldn’t it be fun if those of us who have the luxury bought an extra copy or two of 15 Minutes and dropped them off at schools, senior centers, hospitals, or facilities that host groups for whatever reason? What a pleasant and unexpected surprise we could create for so many. Maybe you know a talented young person hoping to find fame one day who could gain some insight, or a single parent or struggling family who could use a boost as they wait to “Bring on Tomorrow,” to be assured that “Everything’s Gonna Be Alright.”

Want to say thank you to the mailman, your hair stylist, a beloved teacher, or a dear friend who’s been there when your life was a “Trainwreck” and you “Slept Through the end of the World?” 15 Minutes would be perfect!

Maybe drop one off at your favorite hangout for the DJ to play. There are lots of possibilities!

If possible, perhaps we could spare "15 Minutes" in the process with a shut-in or someone who needs a companionship.

If you’d like to share how you’ll be spreading the word about 15 Minutes, leave us a comment here, on our Facebook page, or on Twitter. Let’s help make this the best birthday Barry has ever had by making this phenomenal album hit number 1, where it belongs, right from the start!

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