Barry Manilow is taking the country by storm!

Though I’ll selfishly always miss my frequent trips to Las Vegas to see the one and only Barry Manilow, I am thrilled by the well deserved positive pre and post reviews he’s getting from publications all over the country as he takes his show on the road and travels here and there.

People are taking notice and turning a new eye and ear to what many of us already know. There are tons of performers taking the world by storm for a minute or two of fame. But there are only a small handful - Barry is at the top of the list - who have the staying power to stand the test of time - for nearly four decades and counting. Who doesn’t need sensationalism or bells and whistles to make them great, their genuine talent and integrity speaks - or in his case sings - for itself.

If you haven’t seen Barry Manilow lately, or ever, do yourself a favor and don’t miss these rare chances as he just might be performing in a city near you. Go on over to his Facebook page, and check the schedule of his shows

Barry is a musician and performer who’ll give you a show you’ll never forget. And you never know, his music might just change your life… it did mine!

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